Finding our footing in new territory.

As an Institute that blends the theoretical with the practical, we start our work in each city by creating an informational overview of the new territory that we’re working in. As newcomers to each city, we believe it’s important to come prepared to ask the right questions and be surprised by what we don’t yet know.

Our research unfolds in two consecutive steps. First, our team performs a comprehensive literature review and conducts interviews with stakeholders to better understand the general trends in security, digitalization, and urban processes that are present in each city. Then, we repeat this process in a more focused and refined manner during our research sprint and data workshops, where we work with young adults from each city on complex questions related to digitalization, surveillance, and governance.

Our reports

Research Workshops

Research Sprint Te Estamos Grabando

Decodificando la Seguridad, Convivencia y Vigilância

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Social Labs: “We are Recording You”

The “social lab” is Mi Sangre Foundation’s methodology for creating an ecosystem of transformation that relies on collaboration and capacity as modes of interrogation.

What have we learned in Medellín so far?

We were joined by the voices and ideas of experts, institutions, and advocacy actors from this city at a round table. Here are the main findings.

How migrant women in geneva bypass digital exclusion

Edgelands had the chance to speak to a dozen female migrants in Geneva to hear their thoughts on the findings of our report.

Conversation with Seniors in Geneva

Edgelands had the opportunity to engage with the senior community in Geneva to understand how the advent of digital technologies has impacted the social fabric of the city.

1st Participatory Discussions: Geneva

Edgelands was joined by politicians, journalists, privacy advocates, social workers, and experts in technology and society issues to discuss the digitalization of security and the impact of surveillance society in Geneva.