OPPi: “What Are the Dangers That Threaten Your Safety in Geneva?”

The first of the conversation spaces that Edgelands opened in Geneva was an online Participatory Survey. For this, we are partnered with OPPi to provide a platform to hear from all the residents of Geneva about their perceptions and thoughts around the topic of (in)security in Geneva. We invited the residents of Geneva to fill out this emergent survey, and to leave their comments.

The results of this survey will serve as one of the discussion basis for the political, academic, and other participatory discussions that Edgelands will host in the next months.

OPPi is an AI-powered engagement tool that leverages the power of emergent orwiki-surveys to help leaders in gathering the pulse of the people and facilitatinghigh quality decision-making for complex societal issues. Soul Probe has beenusing wiki-survey tools like OPPi to bring the voices of the people and marginalisedcommunities to decision-making tables in the public sector, parliament andprivate sector globally.

As a participatory survey, OPPi has great advantages:• It allows participants to see how other residents of Geneva think about these topics. It shows the issues where like-minded people agree with them or where those with differing perspectives disagree or think differently from them. • The survey will evolve from the ground-up. This means that some of the comments and suggestions that the participants provide could become statements that everyone votes on.

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