MATZA Edgelands Geneva

MATZA Edgelands Geneva

Security has emerged as a central concern in our ever-changing globalized world, marked by massive demographic flows. Cities and nations are responding with digital surveillance measures, which can have both intended and unintended consequences. While some perceive surveillance as a tool for protection, others view it as a means of exclusion and repression.

The dynamics of minorities and communities play a crucial role in understanding surveillance. In the face of societal changes and digital interconnectedness, individuals seek a sense of belonging and security by forming communities based on shared values, identities, and aspirations. These communities, whether virtual or physical, provide a space for expression, resource-sharing, and collective action. However, the fragmentation of minorities into distinct subgroups, based on factors such as origin, language, gender, or sexual orientation, may appear counterintuitive to the goal of unity. Yet, this fragmentation is essential for individuals to have safe spaces where they can express themselves and find like-minded individuals.

MATZA Edgelands Geneva aimed to explore new forms of the social contract within the minorities’ context in Geneva. It served as a platform to reflect on the constitution of urban identities and the intricate relationship between individuals, communities, and the spaces they inhabit, and to understand the complex interplay between security, identity, and digital interconnectedness.

Under the Radar

Residency: April 27th to May 11th 2023

Exhibition: May 12th to May 28th

Location: Geneva, Switzerland

UNDER THE RADAR, the fourth project of the MATZA EDGELANDS initiative, invited local and international artists to reflect upon these themes, providing insights into the effects of digitalization on the social fabric of Geneva. By exploring the experiences of individuals and communities within the city, MATZA Edgelands Geneva shed light on the challenges and opportunities arising from our increasingly digitized world.

The exhibition, which took place between May 12th-18th in the iconic former Charmilles post office, transformed the space into a platform for dialogue, contemplation, and artistic expression. It provided a thought-provoking exploration of urban identities, collective spaces, and the power of digital networks for empowerment and change.

Through the work of artists Félicien Goguet (FR), Lorca Devanne-Langlais (FR), Maxime Bondu (FR), Myriam Dalal (LB), Sabrina Fernandez Casas (CH-ESP), Shabu Mwangi (KEN), Tanguy Benoit (FR), Zulkifle Mahmod (SG) and Thomas Dworzak (DE) from Magnum, MATZA Edgelands Geneva sought to deepen our understanding of the evolving social contract and the complexities of security and belonging in the digital age. By engaging with the local community and international perspectives, the project fostered critical discussions and enriched our appreciation of the intricate dynamics shaping contemporary society.

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