Security Technology: Approaches to its Governance

Cities are increasingly utilizing technological innovations, particularly Smart City technologies and Artificial Intelligence (AI), to address pressing challenges and enhance municipal efficiency. Despite slow progress in national and regional AI governance frameworks, some cities have embraced AI Localism, taking the lead in developing and implementing policies more directly and contextually. AI Localism examples include New York and Oakland's municipal ordinances on surveillance technology and high-speed internet projects in cities like Hong Kong and Seoul. However, there's limited focus on AI governance in developing country cities.

This project explores AI Localism in the context of security technologies, using Medellín, Colombia, as a case study. Medellín's unique approach to AI and security technology governance, observed through its public procurement practices, highlights challenges and limitations without comprehensive policy instruments. The city, known for fostering technology and innovation, especially in urban security operations, serves as a valuable case study for similar cities in the Global South, offering lessons for implementing security technologies.

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