Our Fellowship Program offers an opportunity for early-career and advanced-career scholars, artists, and researchers to contribute to our research agenda. Throughout the program, fellows embark on independent research projects that align with our research interests. The projects are designed to make meaningful contributions to our understanding of the complex intersection between digitalization, urban security, and society.

To foster collaboration and exchange of ideas, fellows participate in monthly meetings with their peers. These gatherings provide a supportive environment where fellows can discuss their progress, share discoveries, and learn from one another's experiences. During these meetings, fellows engage in constructive feedback sessions and receive guidance from a dedicated mentor, who provides valuable insights and support throughout the program.

As part of the fellowship, we encourage fellows to produce articles and working papers that showcase their research findings. These publications not only contribute to the advancement of knowledge in their respective fields but also provide a valuable resource for fellow researchers and professionals in the broader community. One of the program highlights is the opportunity to present your research at our annual internal conference, exclusively hosted by the Edgelands Institute. This conference serves as a platform to share insights, engage in discussions, and receive valuable feedback from our community.

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