Social Lab

Social Lab

For this program, we brought together groups of individuals to engage in discussions on the intersection of technology and security. With the collaboration of various social and institutional actors, the Social Lab aims to explore innovative solutions to existing problems by adopting an integrated and comprehensive approach. Fundacion Mi Sangre played a vital role in facilitating this environment of trust and ensuring a safe space for open dialogue. Through their support and guidance, the participants embarked on a journey to reimagine the dynamics of power and social interactions between citizens and authorities.

The methodology employed in Social Lab followed an ecosystem of transformation, emphasizing the power of collaboration and collective capacity as modes of inquiry. By embracing this inclusive and participatory approach, the laboratory sought to foster a 360-degree view of the security challenges faced by the community. Throughout the laboratory, participants critically examined the implications of technology in addressing security concerns and explored innovative approaches to enhance safety and coexistence within their municipality.

The culmination of the Social Lab resulted in the creation of a document of recommendations. These suggestions were designed to contribute to the improvement of security and coexistence within the municipalities. Additionally, intersectoral action plans were developed to ensure the incorporation of these recommendations into the cities' strategic plans.

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