Participatory Data Interventions

Participatory Data Interventions

"Participatory Data Interventions" is a research program facilitated by Edgelands that engages citizens and experts in the life-cycle of security and surveillance data in their cities. Through a series of research and dialogue activities, the program aims to foster a collaborative approach to understanding and shaping the management and utilization of such data. The program includes workshops that explore how citizens can use data analysis and visualization to contribute meaningfully to discussions and policy development on security, surveillance, and coexistence in their respective cities. The lack of information about digital security practices is seen as problematic, as it hinders meaningful conversations about the impact of digitalization on social cohesion. Understanding the technologies in use, the data collected, and the extent of surveillance is essential for citizens to form informed opinions and engage in discussions about these practices.

The program seeks to bridge the gap between citizens, experts, and policymakers by facilitating dialogue, data analysis, and visualization activities.  By providing insights into the data that is collected, who collects it, and how it is used, the program aims to address the need for transparency and information dissemination surrounding digital technologies used for security purposes. In Geneva, the program highlights the challenges in accessing relevant information, questioning the level of transparency required for digital technologies utilized in providing security. It raises important considerations, such as the extent of information that should be easily available, the types of information that should be made accessible, and whether the same transparency standards should apply to both public and private organizations utilizing these technologies. While in Medellín the program seeks to involve young people in analyzing data collected by the city, which can be perceived as surveillance related to public safety.

This initiative fosters an open dialogue where participants can voice their perspectives, concerns, and ideas regarding the use of data in urban security. It serves as a forum for collective learning, allowing citizens to contribute their insights and experiences to inform the development of responsible and effective data practices.

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