Edgelands Maps with DANO in Cúcuta

With Derecho a No Obedecer (citizen activism organization) we carried out our signature workshop with young people from different parts of the city of Cúcuta.

This is how this group of young people defined the cross-cutting concepts of the workshops


Photo by Andres Boada

Photo by Andres Boada

Photo by Andres Boada




  • The importance of thinking about insecurity in digital platforms.
  • We are very vulnerable to being surveilled.
  • In the city there are more unsafe spaces than safe ones.
  • Think about the negative effects that the use of digital applications can have.
  • Recognise that we are being watched by the apps we use or in the places we live.
  • It is important to be aware of the information we share with others.
  • There is a latent insecurity in digital spaces.
  • It is important to understand security in relation to surveillance and security.
  • Is there always security when there is surveillance?
  • Digital spaces can make us feel more insecure because we do not see and/or do not know what could happen to all our data.
  • We lack safe places in the city and in the digital space, we are immersed in places full of actors that are sources of risk.
  • The (illegal border crossing) trails may be an unsafe place because they are controlled by illegal actors but for many they are a safe space because the rules are clear, which is not always the case at the formal border.
  • Surveillance is related to protecting, observing or taking care of something, and is a constant exercise of collecting information.
  • On surveillance we have to ask ourselves who is watching us? For what purpose?
  • We trade freedoms for peace of mind, could it be justifiable?
  • Living together (coexistance) is about creating safe spaces.
  • How do we construct surveillance with someone watching us?
  • Surveillance is a part of living together.
  • Feeling safe is different from being safe.
  • When there are many people who feel unsafe in a place, fewer people walk through it and that makes the place less safe. That is why one of the solutions to insecure spaces is to inhabit them.
  • Our mutual coexistence reaffirms the way we inhabit a territory.
  • Coexistence is influenced by the cultures in the city.

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