Hablemos Medellín

The Edgelands Institute has been working in the city of Medellín since 2021, promoting spaces for dialogue and reflection on the effects of the digitalization of security on the social fabric and its impact on the urban social contract in the city.

In the context of the elections for Mayor and Council next October, we partnered with the platform Hablemos Medellin, in order to contribute to the electoral discussion elements and reflections that may be relevant to citizens regarding security and digital surveillance. We created a survey that helped us to raise conversations that included new citizen perspectives on these issues.

The heart of these survey revolves around a central question: What do you think needs to change, improve, and be maintained in Medellín? Participants are encouraged to discuss not only the challenges but also envision solutions. Participants also explore how these changes can be achieved and identify the key protagonists in these social transformations.

The results of these surveys were systematized and analyzed using cutting-edge natural language software. Additionally, a team of experts, well-versed in social theory and argumentation, brings valuable insights to the table, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the diverse perspectives shared during the discussions.To keep the city informed and engaged, dissemination reports were crafted, summarizing and presenting the key findings from the answers.

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