Research Sprint: We Are Recording You

Research Sprints are a fundamental research element of Edgelands that are conducted for 8 weeks in each city we pop up. They are typically divided into two parallel components, each serving a distinct purpose. The first component involves engaging with local specialists who possess expertise in various aspects of the city, as well as the themes of security and digitalization. Each week the participants meet with national and international experts in tech and security policy and spend time working with research mentors. These specialists provide insights into the specific context, challenges, and opportunities related to urban security and the impact of digitalization. Through their input, participants gain a deeper understanding of the local dynamics and the complexities surrounding the chosen themes.

The second component entails a collaborative research endeavor that involves active participation from the program's participants, mentors, and Edgelanders (individuals associated with Edgelands). This collective research component allows for the pooling of diverse perspectives, experiences, and expertise. Together, the participants engage in research activities, analysis, and exploration of innovative ideas and potential solutions. This collaborative approach fosters a rich and dynamic research environment, where collective intelligence can flourish.

By combining the insights from local specialists with the collective research efforts of the participants, mentors, and Edgelanders, Research Sprints facilitate a comprehensive examination of the chosen themes. This approach ensures a comprehensive understanding of the intricate relationships between urban security, digitalization, and the specific city under investigation.

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