Roundtable Discussions

Roundtable Discussions are an engaging series of conversations with professionals from diverse cities. They are invited to share their perspectives on the key findings presented in Edgelands' comprehensive diagnostic reports in each city we pop up. In these sessions, industry experts, policymakers, and community leaders converge to provide valuable insights and analysis on the pressing challenges and opportunities faced by urban areas featured in Edgelands' research. By bringing together diverse voices, we aim to cultivate a rich interdisciplinary dialogue that fosters collaboration among city experts studying similar security challenges.

Through these dynamic discussions, participants gain a deeper understanding of the unique characteristics and complexities of different cities and the underlying factors influencing their growth and development. Experts shed light on emerging trends in surveillance, urban planning strategies for security, and innovative solutions that can address the identified issues and foster sustainable progress in building a healthy and united community.

Whether you are an urban planner, policymaker, researcher, or simply passionate about urban issues and the creation of modern social contracts, these Roundtable Discussions provide an opportunity to learn from real-world experiences and contribute to the ongoing dialogue on urban development. Join us and be part of the conversation that helps pave the way for resilient, inclusive, and sustainable cities of tomorrow.

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