March 10, 2023

Research Sprint: We Are Recording You

Flávia Lozano and Maria Camila Roldán

It is time for Cúcuta!‍ After successfully applying We are recording you labs to Medellín and Geneva, we are excited to announce that it is time to bring the discussion to a new city.‍

Te Estamos Grabando Cúcuta

We are recording you is an eight-week program in which participants will be part of an interdisciplinary team exploring benefits, challenges and potential futures related to technology and surveillance in their own city. Each team focuses on a specific question and will, by the end of the program, produce a podcast episode that will be published and shared with relevant stakeholders of Cúcuta.

The main goal is to create a space in which citizens can think and talk with experts about certain elements of the digital transformation that cities are experiencing, so we can bring together the quality of academic research with the energy and transformative power of the city’s population. It is also a space in which we can go deeper on this discussion, in order to help with the formation of more informed citizens and decisions.

As part of this program we will also host a series of conversations with experts, to explore from different perspectives key elements raised by the interaction between security, coexistence, and digital surveillance.

Please apply here.