September 26, 2023

Edgelands Institute's First Geneva Pop-Up Concludes with Release of Final Report

Communication Team

Edgelands Institute concludes its Geneva first pop-up cycle with the release of the city's report, highlighting citizens’ perceptions on transparency challenges, and digital integrity.


The Edgelands Institute is thrilled to announce the conclusion of our first pop-up initiative in Geneva, which spanned over a year. As we wrap up this phase, we are excited to unveil Geneva's first final report, a comprehensive document that sheds light on the intricate issues surrounding digital security and integrity, transparency and policing in this diverse and dynamic city.

Our efforts have borne fruit, and we're delighted to share some of the most important insights we've gleaned during this transformative process. For more details and to access the full Geneva final report, please access our report.

A conspicuous lack of transparency surrounding the presence of surveillance technologies, such as security cameras, has contributed to a widespread lack of awareness and understanding. While ethical dimensions of surveillance technologies must be addressed, we've discovered that people often struggle to initiate these conversations or may be reluctant to "stir the pot." This opacity is a pressing concern that demands attention. However, public perceptions of digital security and surveillance in Geneva are far from uniform. Factors such as immigrant status, race, gender, and languages spoken significantly influence how individuals perceive these issues. Our research underscores the importance of considering these socio-economic parameters when addressing digital security concerns.

Difficulty in accessing and comprehending information about surveillance tech exacerbates the disconnect between the public and digital security discourse. Private companies play a significant role in the current digital security landscape, which raises critical questions about accountability. Understanding the boundaries of responsibility in this evolving landscape is essential for ensuring the protection of individual rights. The newly constitutional right to digital integrity in Geneva presents a unique opportunity for inclusive dialogues regarding security, responsibilities, and rights in the digital age. We have also proven that artistic collaborations, creative projects, and continued dialogue can be potent tools for engaging the public in conversations about digital security that resonate with their daily lives.

As we bid farewell to our Geneva pop-up, we want to express our gratitude to our research community, stakeholders and local citizens that has contributed to our mission. The release of Geneva's first final report marks a significant milestone, and we are committed to continuing our work in investigating the contemporary forms of the social contract and building a collective and safer digital landscape for all.

Stay tuned for future updates from Edgelands Institute as we embark on new initiatives in exploring the ever-evolving realm of digital security and the social contract.