June 10, 2022

Upcoming Research Sprint Geneva

Klea Bogdani

In Fall 2022, the Edgelands Institute will host a Research Sprint to explore the intersection between the issues of security, digital surveillance, and the urban social contract in Geneva.

A busy intersection in Geneva shows a red light for the camera while passerby's cross the street.

Photo by Laura Garcia. Streets of Geneva.

At the Edgelands Institute we understand urban social contracts in two ways. First, as an analytical lens that allows us to understand and map the power arrangements (explicit and implicit) between all relevant social groups and the sovereign, or those who hold formal and informal power, in cities. These agreements reduce transaction costs, enhance predictability, and ultimately are the rules that enable social cohesion. Second, we understand urban social contracts both as means of living together and as sites of political struggle.

The 8-week Research Sprint will provide a unique opportunity for participants to explore how the intersection of security and social cohesion with digital surveillance technologies is transforming Geneva's social contract, especially for youth and immigrants. The Sprint will explore what security and social cohesion mean and require for different sectors of society, and what are the potential and risks of the digitalization of security, and the surveillance society.

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