September 25, 2023

Mini Fellowship Program in Medellín Welcomes Three Participants

Communication Team

The Edgelands Institute's Mini Fellowship Program in Medellín welcomes three dedicated participants. This year's program includes a special collaboration with SISC to explore the intersection of urban development and security indicators.

design of the fellowship program

The Edgelands Institute is happy to announce the Mini Fellowship Program in Medellín, an initiative designed to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange among researchers, professionals, and local experts. This program marks a step forward in our ongoing mission to understand, engage with, and address the complex social contract being faced and built by communities living in Medellín. The Mini Fellowship Program not only connects participants with local experts but also integrates them into a global network of researchers associated with the Edgelands Institute. This network facilitates the exchange of ideas, best practices, and innovative solutions to common urban challenges faced by cities worldwide.

Meet Our Participants

One of the highlights of this year's Mini Fellowship Program is our collaboration with the Integrated Security and Coexistence System of Medellín (SISC). Their work supports data-driven decision-making and informs the planning, implementation, and evaluation of interventions that are developed in collaboration with security and policing institutions in the city. Besides, this year, the Mini Fellowship Program welcomes

Diana Paola Rojas

Juan Rafael and

Juliana Zuluaga Tafur

Through this partnership, our participants will have the unique opportunity to work closely with SISC experts, gaining firsthand experience in the intersection of urban development, security, and social contract.

At the conclusion of the fellowship, our participants will combine their collective experiences, research findings, and insights into a comprehensive report. In addition to the report, our participants will be featured in a special podcast episode where they will share their personal experiences, reflections, and the stories they have uncovered during their research in Medellín.

We are excited about the journey ahead and look forward to witnessing the impact of this year's Mini Fellowship Program in Medellín. Stay tuned for updates and insights!