Ronald Pizzoferrato

Ronald Pizzoferrato (born 1988 in Caracas, Venezuela) is a IPOC Venezuelan-visual artist and photographer, resident in Bern since 2014. Pizzoferrato documents and investigates social phenomena and conflicts in his native Venezuela. Additionally, he works on international projects related to identity, migration, violence, poverty, and decolonization. His research methods include designethnographic methodology (workshops, interviews, participant observation, artifact collection, netnogaphy, social media research, etc.), photography, audio recording, and videography. His efforts include decolonizing the way stories are told about 'othered' people, that is, to provide genuine and authentic representations of non-Western realities and deconstruct Western visual authority backdropped by a broader historical context of colonialism and imperialism. Pizzoferrato has recently had success with his project 'The Path oft he Objects'. He exhibited at Photoforum Pasquart in 2021 and was nominated for the Swiss Design Award 2022 in the field of 'Photography'.