Dorcas Nyamwaya

Dorcas Nyamwaya is a policy, legislation, and governance specialist working on interdisciplinary research aimed at facilitating evidence-based and informed policymaking. She has experience in the field of urban development from Nairobi City County Government and the UN-Habitat Policy, Legislation and Governance Section (PLGS) where she has researched on various urbanisation issues and proposed legislation, governance and policy interventions to help governments and cities effectively these challenges. She is actively involved in advancing digital transformation within urban settings while enhancing the governance of smart and sustainable cities in her capacity as a policy contributor at the United for Smart Sustainable Cities (U4SSC) Initiative, where she contributes to the Thematic Group on "Enabling People-Centred Cities through Digital Transformation" and the Working Group on "Policy Benchmarks for Digital Transformation of People-Centred Cities". Her passion lies in promoting better access, utilization, and implementation of digital technologies for social and economic development with a keen interest in advocating for digital safety, digital rights, and inclusive digital/data governance.