March 15, 2024

New report out! The project “Security technology: approaches to its governance” delves into how security and surveillance technologies are governed in Medellín

Nicola Tenca

In an era where urban centers are rapidly embracing digitization, data science, and artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance service delivery, a pivotal report sheds light on the governance challenges posed by these advancements, particularly in the realm of security technology.

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Flávia Lozano

With more than half of the world's population now residing in urban areas, cities are at the forefront of technological innovation. However, the transition towards a digital landscape prompts critical questions surrounding governance, especially concerning high-risk applications such as AI-driven surveillance.

The latest research from the Edgelands Institute delves deep into this complex landscape, focusing on the governance approaches adopted by cities, with a particular spotlight on Medellín and its navigation of AI governance within security technologies.

Titled "How Are Security and Surveillance Technology Governed in Medellín?", the report presents a comprehensive analysis of Medellín's strategies, offering valuable insights and lessons for cities worldwide. Central to the findings is the concept of "AI Localism," where cities craft and implement policies tailored to their unique contexts, circumventing the sluggish pace of national and regional AI governance frameworks.

Key highlights from the report underscore the significance of transparent regulations, participatory governance models, and evidence-based decision-making processes in shaping effective AI policies for urban security. Medellín emerges as a case study exemplifying these principles, offering a blueprint for cities grappling with similar challenges.

As urban centers continue to grapple with the intersection of technology, policy, and security, the report serves as a timely resource for policymakers, technologists, and citizens alike.

For those eager to unravel the intricate dynamics of technology governance and its implications for urban security, the full report promises a wealth of invaluable insights.

Stay informed, stay ahead. Dive into the complete report today to explore the future of security technology governance in our cities.

Read the full report here.