November 18, 2022

Digital Technologies, Migrants, and Public Space | RecGev

Klea Bogdani
Laura Garcia Vargas

After three weeks of intense work, the participants of “We Are Recording You Geneva” presented the problematic they will focus on.

First "Conversation with Experts"

Since the beginning of October, Edgelands’ Research Sprint participants have been working in two interdisciplinary research teams to take a deep dive into the some issues and possible solutions related to technology and surveillance in Geneva. With the guidance of a mentor, each group has explored and defined the specific problematic they will focus on after three weeks of research. (Learn more about the participants!)

Surveillance and Migration

The first group will explore the intersection of surveillance technologies and migration in Geneva. More specifically, the two questions that will guide the exploratory work of this group are:

  1. How are surveillance technologies used in the context of migration in Geneva?
  2. What are the stakes of such use?

Private Surveillance of Public Space in Geneva

The second group decided to focus on the private surveillance of public space in Geneva. They will investigate how people experiencing and living in international Geneva relate to the private surveillance of public space.

What’s Next?

During the remaining weeks, Research Sprint participants will be conducting field work, an analysis of information, and producing a podcast episode that will be published and shared during a public event in Maison Rousseau on December 16 (Register here).

Stay tune for more updates on their research!