Making Intentional Spaces for Dialogue

The question of surveillance technology specifically and digital governance policies more broadly require the engagement of multiple stakeholders: the general public, government authorities (often from multiple levels, such as local and federal offices), and the private sector. Unfortunately, members of these stakeholder groups rarely have opportunity for intentional, honest dialogue together.

We work with representatives of each of these stakeholder groups to create opportunities for them to meet and hold conversation. However, our conversation spaces aren’t simply roundtables or conferences.  We’ve found that adding creative elements of engagement can lead to more fruitful and generative dialogue. An intentional space for conversation may take the form of a research workshop, a city tour led by youth, a gallery opening, and more.

#EdgelandsMaps: Mapping Spaces of Security and Surveillance

A reproducible workshop format to jointly understand the concepts of security and surveillance, from the perceptions, imaginaries, and own experiences.

Social Lab Mi Sangre

Te Estamos Grabando was a social laboratory organized by Fundación Mi Sangre and the Edgelands Institute. It brought together different actors of society to talk about security, surveillance and technology.

Magnum x Edgelands

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Social Labs: “We are Recording You”

The “social lab” is Mi Sangre Foundation’s methodology for creating an ecosystem of transformation that relies on collaboration and capacity as modes of interrogation.

What have we learned in Medellín so far?

We were joined by the voices and ideas of experts, institutions, and advocacy actors from this city at a round table. Here are the main findings.

How migrant women in geneva bypass digital exclusion

Edgelands had the chance to speak to a dozen female migrants in Geneva to hear their thoughts on the findings of our report.

Conversation with Seniors in Geneva

Edgelands had the opportunity to engage with the senior community in Geneva to understand how the advent of digital technologies has impacted the social fabric of the city.

1st Participatory Discussions: Geneva

Edgelands was joined by politicians, journalists, privacy advocates, social workers, and experts in technology and society issues to discuss the digitalization of security and the impact of surveillance society in Geneva.