Research Sprint Te Estamos Grabando Medellín

In partnership with EAFIT University’s Center for Political Analysis, we launched “Te Estamos Grabando (We are Recording You)” an 8-week research sprint. The purpose of this sprint was to give young people the opportunity to learn how the (in)security of the city, digital surveillance and power structures affect them, as well as prepare them to conduct their own project on security and surveillance in Medellín. Each week, our 50 participants (half online and half in person) met with national and international experts in tech and security policy and then spent time working with research mentors. Read this interview with staff members Laura and Santiago, who led the design and implementation of Te Estamos Grabando, to get a more in-depth sense of the structure of the research sprint.During the 8-week sprint, which concluded on December 1, participants conducted their own group research on an independently chosen topic. They also created a shared manifesto that declared their hopes for a future urban social contract for Medellín. We'll be releasing a report of the outcomes of the Sprint— check back soon!

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