Diagnostic Reports

Edgelands Institute’s Diagnostic Reports are the result of the first gathering of information with approximately 40 informants in each city, employing a snowball sampling technique. This method ensures that each informant refers and recommends other key informants they deem relevant, creating a diverse and comprehensive network of sources. Our reports offer an overview of the social contract within every city we pop up before initiating any art interventions, dialogue activity or research project.

Within each Diagnostic Report, you will find a wealth of information and insights, carefully compiled from a range of perspectives analyzed and synthesized from informants and a selected bibliography. As a result, we provide a clear picture of the urban landscape regarding security, technology and surveillance, focusing on community building and the social contract. These reports usually cover various aspects such as historical and economic background, crime rates, social and cultural dynamics, public and legal infrastructure, and community engagement.

Medellín Diagnostic Report

Geneva Diagnostic Report

Cúcuta Diagnostic Report

Nairobi Diagnostic Report

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