At the Edgelands Institute, we view our role as that of a facilitator: working within spaces that just need the tools or nudges to connect and co-design. Our movement isn’t just us — more importantly, it’s composed of people across the world who are interested in how digitalization is changing how we live together.

Does this sound like you? Join us in one of our next pop-up events, coming to a physical or digital space near you!

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physical spaces

Edgelands Physical Spaces Workshops

We take up residence in select cities across the world based on based on their uniquely complex histories of security and governance and their recent uses of digital surveillance technology. Currently, we’re holding a variety of pop-up events in Medellín, Colombia. Soon we will be taking residence in Cúcuta, Colombia, Geneva, Switzerland, and Nairobi, Kenya. If you live in one of these cities, we hope to meet you soon!

digital spaces

Don’t live in one of our residence cities? No problem. We host a variety of pop-up events for conversation around issues of digital ethics and transparency online as well.

We’ve recently launched Almuerzos Digitales, a monthly conversation event that will focus on different topics surrounding tech, security, cities, and digital ethics. Almuerzos Digitales is like a book club, but better, because only the person presenting reads a text and everyone else comes for a quick presentation followed by conversation! Almuerzos Digitales is open for anyone in the world to join, but please note that we will be presenting and conversing in Spanish.

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