April 7, 2022

Edgelands Maps at Casa Morada in Medellín

María Camila Roldán‍

First Edgelands Maps workshop in Medellín, Colombia

Participants of the workshop having a conversation about one of the maps they created

Photo by Maria Camila Roldán.

On March 26 and April 2 of 2022, the Edgelands team of Medellín got together with a group of young people for the first version of the workshop of Edgelands Maps. The participants were between the ages of 16 and 23, and were part of the program “Editores de Ciudad” of Casa de las Estrategias.

"The dynamic that makes me feel safe in my neighborhood is that at least there are no visible combos, there are no visible barriers, there are rarely robberies or assaults, there are guards, there are constantly public servants". Julián Hoyos Jaramillo.
"The cameras make me feel safe, that there are many people watching over us, taking care of us, keeping an eye on the environment, on what is going to happen or what is not going to happen."


Map of the virtual space. Photo by Maria Camila Roldán

Map of the physical space. Photo by Maria Camila Roldán

Profile of actors identified by participants