Creative Activations of Public Space

We believe that interventions in physical spaces are just as important as those within the world of ideas. This is particularly true within urban environments, where people share many different types of spaces and live within close proximity to one another.

We direct creative activities and projects that help citizens re-imagine how the public spaces of their city can be shaped to promote safety, livability, and wellbeing. In partnership with Swiss artists MATZA, as well as with artists who are local to each city we temporarily reside in, we facilitate the creation of public art installations, photo/video journalism, murals, and other multimedia that probe the question of how public spaces can advance coexistence.


MATZA Edgelands

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Social Labs: “We are Recording You”

The “social lab” is Mi Sangre Foundation’s methodology for creating an ecosystem of transformation that relies on collaboration and capacity as modes of interrogation.

What have we learned in Medellín so far?

We were joined by the voices and ideas of experts, institutions, and advocacy actors from this city at a round table. Here are the main findings.

How migrant women in geneva bypass digital exclusion

Edgelands had the chance to speak to a dozen female migrants in Geneva to hear their thoughts on the findings of our report.

Conversation with Seniors in Geneva

Edgelands had the opportunity to engage with the senior community in Geneva to understand how the advent of digital technologies has impacted the social fabric of the city.

1st Participatory Discussions: Geneva

Edgelands was joined by politicians, journalists, privacy advocates, social workers, and experts in technology and society issues to discuss the digitalization of security and the impact of surveillance society in Geneva.